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DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM DRIVERSWAY!!!!!! WHY? Well, let me tell you....... I bought my car from Driver's way on Friday 10/28. I then drove it off the lot and 2 days later on Sunday 10/30 the clutch petal gave way and is stuck to the floor. I had to park my new purchase on the side of the road and have it towed. I called Driver's way because I remember on the TV commercials as well as on there website they promote there 3 day/250 mile NO HASSEL... Read more

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I just went to "pick up" my new car and trade in my older car. I was told by my salesperson that the manager was exercising his right to reconsider agreed upon trade in amount. They slashed it from 10,000 to 5,000. I was told to go in and yell and pitch a fit. This is what you call haggle free? This would have been our fourth car purchased at this location. I don't think my car depreciated by 5,000 dollars in the last week. Insulting. ... Read more

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While I understand there are things that my husband and myself do not know how financing works on a used vehicle. That being said, we went into the 280 Drivers Way location on Saturday. We dealt with Joe as a salesman who was very nice and helpful. Our problem arose when we started into the financing stage of the purchase. We came into the dealership with a preapproval, and found a vehicle with a much lower asking price than the approval... Read more

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Test drove a vehicle at Drivers Way in Pelham, AL in July 2013. Not only did they place a 'hard inquiry' to hurt my overall credit score - they did it with BOTH TransUnion AND Equifax. I test drove from at least 4 other dealerships and they didn't do this. Just checked my credit in May, 2015 and have two notches in my hard credit inquiry column that indicate Drivers Way was the 'lender'. I only TEST DROVE A CAR!! Just stipulate up front that... Read more

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My interaction with sale was top notch and the sale process was a pleasure as expected. This was the second vehicle I purchased from them because I was happy with the first one and the experience. However, I returned the car I purchased when in cleaning and waxing it the next day, we discovered "crows feet" patterns in the paint which is indicative of hail damage. This is a big deal because hail damage will eventually cause the paint to flake... Read more

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Bought a 2006 G35 from Drivers way in 2010. Wonderful car. Rode perfect and very powerful. Just as advertised and more. Took it to the service dept June 2011 for full service. Told service mgr we were embarking on a 4000+ mile vacation. He promised over the phone how they would inspect the brakes, oil, filters, etc. and give us peace of mind on our trip. The first thing they did was tell us we had a screw in our tire. They cant patch it at the... Read more

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We bought an 07 Solstice GXP from these *** artists. They assured us that it had not been in any accidents and showed us a car fax to "prove" it - thing is, when they bought and repaired the wrecked car, they didn't report it to anyone - so of course it wouldn't show up. Once we got the car back home (several hundred miles away), we barely scrubbed the bumper pulling into our driveway as soon as we got home - and I mean barely. When we... Read more

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My husband and I bought a Toyota 4-runner from drivers way but before we purchased the vehicle we questioned them about the vehicle being wreck. They told us that it had never been wrecked but we told them that kit had they showed us the car facts that showed that it had not been wrecked, but when we went to trade the vehicle the car facts said that it had been hit in rear twice. I would never buy another vehicle from them. I don't know how... Read more

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We bought a toyota highlander from this company who claims they do a 240 point inspection on all their vehicles. My wife dented the bumper on the right side so we went to get it fixed and on the left side after they pulled the bumper off their was frame damage covered up by a new bumper that was put on. The metal was rusted and the foam had been torn off. We took it up to drivers way and they said that it wasnt that way when they sold it and it... Read more

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Birmingham, AL Sales: We went to driver's way and were looking at a SAAB. We were there later in the evening and I assume that they were close to closing. We were looking to trade in on this and we expecting at least what KBB was quote for our vehicle. So got to the point where we said we want the car and we got a price on trade in for our car... it was 3k less. So we said no thanks... the sales person made us feel guilty for not buying the... Read more

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