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My husband and I bought a Toyota 4-runner from drivers way but before we purchased the vehicle we questioned them about the vehicle being wreck. They told us that it had never been wrecked but we told them that kit had they showed us the car facts that showed that it had not been wrecked, but when we went to trade the vehicle the car facts said that it had been hit in rear twice.

I would never buy another vehicle from them.

I don't know how they manipulated the car facts but they did. The dealership that we traded it at said that wasn't the first time that they had seen this from driversway.

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Drivers Way Verified Representative

On behalf of Driver's Way, we sincerely apologize for your troubles. We wish we had more information from you so we could respond better.

However, CarFax Vehicle History Reports can only show what accidents have been reported to state and local agencies. We do not know how it would be possible to manipulate a CarFax report, either, as it is an independent 3rd party product. Driver's Way can guarantee no previous flood or frame damage, but we cannot possibly guarantee that a vehicle has not had any previous paint or body work. This is because it is a used vehicle, and we have not been with the car its entire existence.

We provide a free CarFax vehicle history report on every vehicle we retail, listed right on our website so you may view it yourself. (In previous years we offered free AutoCheck brand history reports visible to the public on our website.) Also, this is not the first time another dealership has disparaged us to a consumer - these comments are not always true.

Once again, we appreciate the feedback, and we would be happy to assist you, if we had some more information from you. You may contact us at or 205-982-8326 for the Internet Department, so we can pass along the information to the General Manager.

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