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Bought a 2006 G35 from Drivers way in 2010. Wonderful car.

Rode perfect and very powerful. Just as advertised and more. Took it to the service dept June 2011 for full service. Told service mgr we were embarking on a 4000+ mile vacation.

He promised over the phone how they would inspect the brakes, oil, filters, etc. and give us peace of mind on our trip. The first thing they did was tell us we had a screw in our tire. They cant patch it at the location it was at and we had to have a new $245 tire.

Took it to tire store down the street and they said it look grooved, as if DW had screwed it in the tire instead of it being pushed in as it would had we run over it. Ok, no proof of that though. Two days after we got it home I found oil in the carport. Wife took it to Express Oil and they said the oil pan plug was about to fall out.

No charge for that. Topped it off with oil. Took it to a Foreign Car repair shop owned by a family friend and he inspected the car. Besides leaving the oil pan plug finger tight, they turned the front brake rotors on coarse setting.

Not sure what they did to the rear rotors but they were catching every time you stop. The passenger airbag light came on and wouldn't go off. Rotated the tires and did not balance them, did not align the car, left 6 of the airbox clips off, the airbox inlet was simply laying inside the engine compartment, battery cover clips were gone, car started to vibrate, rode like ***, and was making a very loud noise while driving down the road. All this AFTER we told them we needed service because we were going on a long trip.

Guy at tire store said it wasn't the first time someone brought in a screwed tire after DW tried to sell them a tire. His opinion: DW is literally inserting screws into peoples tires in hopes of selling them new ones. I called the service mgr and was told he was out of the office for 4 days. Convenient.

When I finally got to him he told me to give him the receipt for the oil pan plug and he would pay for it.

That's it. Express Oil didn't charge us so I got nothing further from DW.

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My sales person, Allen Jones, was a great help. I had not bought a car in a long time. He helped me with everything I needed.

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